Cruise to the Rock

Published April 11, 2011 by Diosa

Corregidor island is our last hirit for the summer or its more fitting to say that its our welcome to the rainy season. After changing vacation destination for the nth time, we finally booked at Corregidor. It took less effort of actually preparing for this trip. Through sun cruise, we got a day tour, ride, and food. They even managed to squeeze us in their fully booked inn and we got to stay overnight.

getting aboard the sun cruise

We sailed for about an hour and half before we reached the island. We passed by Gaballo island, cavite at the left, and Bataan at the right, and we had Manila behind. Excitement and eagerness overpoured as we came into view the tadpole shaped island.

is it really a tadpole?

The tranvia was waiting for us and the tour had just begun. We were treated with a satisfying meal. We were so hungry that we chose the table beside the buffet. 🙂 The bell rang and we caught our ride.

The tour included exploring the topside, middleside, and bottomside. After the war, another side was added… suicide. (borrowed that joke from the tourguide) The Malinta tunnel show was pretty disappointing. We were running to get in front and the guardia sibil is quite noisy. I hoped that Filipinos should be proud in singing our National Anthem. The last part of the show is the singing of National Anthem. I only heard me and my friend singing. And the annoying guardiya sibil didn’t even remove his hat.

The trip was very educational and experiential. Its a trip back to our history and a chance to take pride and give homage to the heroes of the ww2. Apart from the limited time, going up and down the tranvia, and the annoying malinta tunnel guard, its worth the time and money!


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