Corregidor by Night

Published April 11, 2011 by Diosa

Staying overnight at Corregidor proved to be an excellent decision. Its one unforgettable night. After we checked in, we were immediately transported to old hospital where the tranvia was parked right in front of the morgue. Instead of the new road, we used the original route. It was scary (for me) and pretty exciting. We watched the sunset at the beautiful horizon of pacific ocean and Bataan peninsula.


Sunset at Corregidor, behind us is the crocodile’s head shape of the Bataan Peninsula


We rested there for a few minutes and tried to master courage as we were about to enter the Malinta tunnel once again. But this time, we’ll be exploring the laterals of the tunnel. Believed to be hunted by ghosts of ww2. It will definitely be an exciting tour ahead of us. The tour guide warned all of us that if we’re claustrophobic, its better if we stay in the tranvia. We were given hard hats and flashlights. And were ready to spelunk!

it wasn’t that scary once you’re inside but sometimes imagination do run wild




Our tour ended with walking the 1000 hospital lateral walk with lights off. I was just really waiting something cold to touch my shoulder. The lateral with the gate is the room for female nurses and doctors. Its locked during the day because they might get raided for morphines. (shhh! open by night so macarthur can enter.that’s the buzz i heard!)



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