Batanes Characters

Published April 11, 2011 by Diosa

I’ll be forever raging about Batanes and here’s another reason why I so love love love it!

When you are a tourist, people easily smile at you. I kinda have a sort of hangover when I got back to work for I smiled to every person in the building and what I received was a weird expression on their faces. Well, it could have only meant one thing, vacation is truly over!

I met different kinds of people in Batanes and they sure did add to my amazing experience. I forgot to take pictures with some of them and I now am regretting it. How could I forget Kuya Roger who seems to have a tale for everything, Kuya Nards who assisted us in every way he can and Tita Lydia who did very well in accomodating us.

Here are some people we met, got to know, and made friends with.

With my sister is the owner of the old house in Dakay. She is very used to having tourist dropped by her house. She inherited the house from her spinstress aunt. (Signs! signs!)


The oldest man I met. He’s 103 years old but still responds well. He says because he eats vegetables and fish. No pork or beef! When we went to his house, he was removing the corn pellets without eyeglasses. I saw his picture with his wife when they were still a young couple. He’s quite handsome and she’s beautiful.



The youngsters we had jumpology session with. Rosan is a sweet fresh grad and a bit shy. The sisters, who were funny talking about their facebook, are Bianca and Celine.

Mrs. Pax or Dax? She had this nice post which I imitated. 🙂 She sure looks like my Tita Dina.


These are nice girls we hanged with at Marlboro hills with their mom. This picture captured the essence of their characters on our trip. Sweet daughters and their overprotective mother.


Joan. OMG! I’m so jealous of her. She stayed in Batanes for 10 days, went to all 3 islands, and got that fabulous tan!


Well, here’s Raf squeezing in my solo shot.

The next one is with his girlfriend, Madge, my “I-don’t- care- if- its-rich- in-cholesterol” buddy.


And yes, the coastguards who are literally just guarding. They don’t have their own boat! The Taiwanese can easily take whatever they want. hmmmmmp! Well, at least they have a nice calendar that they gave to us. 🙂


Jewels and Christina. They were both travelling alone until they met us. Jewels is a college student who I immediately like because she can’t believe I’m 30. We ate at Fundacion Pacita and managed to get into a room for pictures! Ahh, Jewels, where are the pictures?

We first met Christina at the airport and she eventually stayed at the same resort. I think she’s like us who didn’t want to waste anytime not exploring the place. We bathed and slept at the resort and then we were out. She’s really great and it’s nice being friends with her.


Our entry pass to Fundacion room, Boron and Milyn. We kept on bumping to this couple during our 3rd day tour. And its very fortunate for us because we saw Boron when we were dining at Fundacion! Yehey! We got to go inside the room. We met Milyn the next day at the airport and she’s equally nice. They are really cool couple and yes, I think we could work out another trip to Batanes with them.


And here’s my ate, with whom I share this awesome experience.



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